Quality Policy

ASES Consulting, whose quality management system includes: “Design, Development, Commercialization and Technical Support of proprietary IT Systems”, defines its Quality Management Policy as follows:

  • Meet our customers' expectations while providing them with consulting and software development services for the control and management of corporate data.
  • Constantly innovate in the development of new technologies in pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement of our processes.
  • Promote professional growth and technical training for our work team through a proactive corporate environment and a strong sense of commitment and responsibility.
  • Offer continuous and cutting-edge technical support.
  • Meet both the needs and expectation of the different interested parties and any requirements applicable to the company.

ASES Consulting board of directors is accountable for the application of such corporate policy; thus, the commitment to provide all necessary resources to enable its personnel become aware of, share and promote its fulfillment.