Data Enrichment

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Your customers are your most valuable asset

Get to know them better by enhancing your data base with Merlin.

How well do you know your customers?

We can offer you data about them that you will not find in any your records.

What is data enrichment about?

The data enrichment process will enable you to append sociodemographic, economic and behavioral information to your first-party customer records for business, marketing, credit or collection purposes, among others; thus, getting to know more about existing and potential customers and facilitating more accurate and tailor communication and actions.

What can you achieve with enrichment processes?

Create unique and customized experiences for your customers

  • Adapt your messages and offers according to your customers´ needs and preferences
  • Contact your customers through their favorite communication channels
  • Customize your messages with customer accurate information

Optimize the analysis, segmentation and communication

  • Address your customers through defined audience segments
  • Prioritize potential customers according to their purchasing intentions
  • Generate more effective up-selling and cross-selling campaigns

Identify business opportunities

  • Obtain 360° view of customer profiles while developing predictive general information on households, individuals and companies
  • Utilize segmentation and classification tools that will enable you to act on your customers’ purchasing behavior probabilities
  • Develop new products and services that will enable you to address specific market niches

Improve results in your collection actions

  • Identify credit profiles and assign them risk levels before making loans effective
  • Define amount limits according to each type of customer; thus, indirectly ensuring future collection
  • Benefit the most profitable customers by increasing credit lines for those better qualified customers

What type of data does Merlin enrich?

Merlin enriches data of individuals and companies, offering different types of variables that will enable you to provide answers in various corporate processes and to comply with resolutions to be issued by controlling entities.

Identity variables

These variables provide basic data of individuals and companies for their clear identification.

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The following fields are considered by identity variables:

  • Type of person (Natural / Legal)
  • Tax number
  • Tax contribution type
  • ID number
  • Type of ID
  • Complete name / Registered name
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Deceased
  • Decease date / Corporation withdrawal
  • Marital status
  • Nationality
  • Residence
  • Voter
  • Replacement ID

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Economic situation variables

These variables groups individuals within a certain social-economic level range; thus, understanding their purchasing behavior and foreseing their future collection risk level.

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The following fields are considered by Economic Situation variables:

  • Socio-economic level
  • Economic activity code
  • Tax code
  • VAT
  • Income tax
  • Corporation member
  • Employer
  • Monotributo
  • Monotributo category
  • Salary position
  • Tax Payer
  • PEP
  • AFIP status
  • Type of corporation
  • Bancarized
  • Multibranch
  • Invoicing range
  • Succession

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Contact variables

These variables enhance or complete contact data of individuals or companies, such as addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses.

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The following fields are considered by Contact variables:


  • Standardization status
  • Standardization reason
  • Geocodification type
  • Country
  • Province
  • District
  • Locality
  • Neighborhood
  • Street
  • Number
  • Floor
  • Apartment
  • Zip Code
  • Argentine Zip Code
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Intersection
  • Type of address (Electoral / Fiscal / Labor)
  • Type of property (Building / House / Outlet)
  • Validated door


  • Prefix
  • Number
  • Type of telephone (Fixed, Mobile)
  • No Llame
  • Type of telephone (Personal, Labor)
  • Operator


  • Email
  • Type of Email (Personal / Labor)

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Credit variables

These variables enable the definition of the current or historic credit situation of an individual or company; thus, collecting profile information that will be utilized in credit administration and risk decrease.

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The following fields are considered by Credit variables:

  • Financial entity
  • Month
  • Year
  • Debt situation
  • Outstanding amount
  • Delinquency days
  • Number of bounced checks

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Labor situation variables

These variables both disclose the current labor situation of a person regarding his/her business or labor activity and provide data of companies regarding their size and composition.

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The following fields are considered by Labor Situation variables:

  • Labor situation
  • Retiree
  • CUIT
  • Company
  • Number of employees
  • Labor seniority
  • Health insurance

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Automotive ownership variables

These variables enrich the identification of associated vehicles, such as patents, chassis and engine.

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The following fields are considered by Automotive ownership variables:

  • Ownership
  • Chassis
  • Engine
  • Model
  • Brand
  • Factory
  • Vehicle age
  • Vehicle categorization
  • Vehicle owner

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Data enrichment is just a part of data quality strategy

In order to make your company´s data quality management program work, you need to rely on accurate, reliable and available data that will enable you to leverage your corporate intelligence initiatives.

Merlin helps you to develop a successful data quality strategy.

Common questions

Why should I enrich my customers’ data?

Customer data is one of the key corporate resources in any type of business.

  • Multiple information variables enable segmentation to create and send relevant messages to a specific group of customers
  • Awareness of customers´ needs, preferences, tastes and desires provides you with the opportunity to offer your customers products or services that will meet their expectations and will make them feel unique and appreciated
  • Focus on your customers' impacting experiences plays a key role in your brand growth. A customized marketing strategy that adjusts to each person produces positive impact and greater purchase likelihood
  • Awareness of your customer´s economic and credit situation enables you to learn about his/her profile and take decisions accordingly
  • Collection administration is more effective with available and reliable contact data

In Merlin, we feed your customer data base so that you can understand them better.

Which are the advantages of an enriched data base?
  • Enables cross-sell / up-sell actions: working on customer profiles provides the possibility to generate propension and/or affinity models regarding a certain product or service for the promotion of complementary or added-value products or services
  • Increases new business opportunities: awareness of your customers’ behavior and preferences may inspire new product or services ideas that will meet specific market niches
  • Increases sales success: understanding your customers’ or potential customers’ interest helps to a better customization of sales messages, adapted to their needs and specific features
  • Enables the identification of credit profiles: access to your customers´ credit risk, before granting them credit lines, will provide you with the possibility to limit or make amounts available according to each type of customer
  • The most profitable customers are benefited: credit line extensions for those customers with positive profitability according to historical record
  • Improves collection actions: more options when contacting a debtor customer for a multichannel follow-up
Which are the advantages of an enriched data base?

Data base enrichment puts your company in a privileged position to grow in the market with sound actions.

How is it achieved?

  • Enabling customer analysis at deeper level
  • Enabling the customization of contact with existing or potential customers
  • Streamlining corporate processes
  • Working problems out with greater dynamism
  • Avoiding bad practices that end up in black lists
  • Increasing investment return volumes

Empower your business figures by enriching your data with Merlin.

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