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What is data standardization?

Standardization is the process of standardizing and validating data. Such process removes data redundancies and inconsistencies while completing data through a suite of rules that update the information, protects its integrity and ensures its proper interpretation; thus, making information consultation friendly and more effective for the one in charge of its management.

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Merlin improves your data quality by promoting effective contact with your customers.

Which data can Merlin standardize?


  • Validation of address existence by town
  • Recognition of existing streets and block numbers
  • Identificación de formatos incompletos o incomprensibles de escritura
  • Address splitting by Street, block number, floor and apartment
  • Unification of writing format
  • Enrichment of missing post data (zip code, neighborhood, town, district and province)
  • Assignment of intersections
  • Geographic coordinates with different space accuracy levels
  • Validation of door existence
  • Reduces costs of undelivered mail resulting from incorrect or inexistent addresses
  • Improves delivery logistics and facilities
  • Increases delivery speed


  • Identification of accurate telephone keypad
  • Validation of keypad components
  • Intercity prefix based on zip code
  • Intercity prefix based on district
  • Feature validation
  • Identification and differentiation between fixed and mobile telephones
  • Identification of directory telephone numbers
  • Identification of telephone numbers registered with Registro Nacional No Llame
  • Identification of mobile services operator
  • Telephone number standardization enables the use of predictive dialers and avoids any delay resulting from prefix unawareness
  • Awareness of a directory-registered telephone number increases communication likelihood
  • Being updated on fixed and mobile telephones registered with Registro Nacional No Llame prevents fines to be issued by such regulating entity
  • Your data base is streamlined for direct marketing campaigns
  • Telephone costs are reduced as mobile telephone and its operating company are identified

Predictive Search

  • Delivers all available results for an entered address, including districts, towns, provinces, etc.
  • Streamlines loading time
  • Minimizes missing address cases
  • Reduces inefficiency costs related to data quality
  • Predicts results closer to the entered address and lists them; thus, enabling the user / operator to choose the selected option


  • First and last names separation
  • Assignment of gender
  • Distinction between legal and natural person
  • Direct marketing campaigns turn more effective
  • Campaigns can be segmented by gender
  • Ensures a clean and accurate data base
  • Ensures a clean and accurate data base

Master Consultation

  • Simplifies district browsing within a specific province
  • Enables the spotting of streets within a district
  • Identifies the broadest post scope (province) and, when entering characters in the district field, alternatives including such entered characters are offered
  • Streamlines loading time
  • Minimizes missing address cases
  • Reduces inefficiency costs related to data quality

Common questions

What are the problems associated with poor quality data?

The exponential growth of data in the digital era triggered bad data which, in turn, posed a great threat to companies.

A data base with high rates of bad, incomplete or inconsistent data implies a serious risk when using such information for business purposes.

Corporate information systems fed with inaccurate data may lead to the assignment of unsuitable attributes to existing customers and potential customers, inaccurate segmentation and a service or product offer that will not meet the receiver´s needs.

Main reasons why a data base does not contain clean information:

  • Manually-entered data is more likely to contain wrong information
  • Data inconsistencies or duplications appear when data from different systems or niches is mirrored diferentes sistemas o nichos de información
  • Data entered by the customer is intentionally inaccurate with the purpose of being included in or excluded from certain segments or in fear of sharing real data

Quality data enables the fulfillment of your intelligent business goals, increases effectiveness in your direct marketing actions, helps to retain and attract customers, improves your brand reputation and helps to save costs.

Merlin corrects your data base and broadens business opportunities.

Why does data standardization play such a key role in my business?

Your data base plays a key role in both your organization’s business processes and your brand communication strategies.

Different areas of your company share customer information and find it difficult to communicate effectively because they do not rely on updated data or such data is unsorted, inaccurate or incomplete when providing answers.

It is essential to enhance data quality to make an effective use of it and to remove any obsolete or duplicate data. Such task happens to be tough and arduous and extremely time-consuming when done manually. It also contains human error risks, cannot manage to meet the market demand in all the areas of the company; thus, resulting in opportunity and profit losses.

Clean data under automated format is the most suitable and cost-efficient decision.

Let those who master data turn it into useful information for your business.

Which goals are to be achieved through data base standarization?

Your company´s data is the key for your business strategy

It is all about how to optimize a single customer data base that will enable you to be close to your customers and how to make the best use of it to build trust in potential customers.

A successful single customer data base, a data warehouse or big data requires updated, useful and complete information.

Data standarization is aimed at:

  • Relying on accurate, true and unambiguous data
  • Avoiding duplication
  • Enriching missing data to streamline the execution of processes, mailing, email marketing actions, outbound call administration or the fulfillment of standards set by Regulating Entities
  • Building a data base that offers prompt access
  • Enabling its interpretation
  • Reducing review time and complexity
  • Accelerating processes
  • Reducing updating inconveniencies
  • Protecting its integrity
  • Enhancing storage capacity
  • Preventing unvoluntary deleting

Merlin turns your data into a potential value source.

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