Data Validation

Ensure the trustfulness and security of your data with our validation solution.

Do you need to confirm whether he/she is who he/she says he is?

Identity Validation.

Will you register a company right away or do you need to verify its existence?

Corporate Data Validation.

What is data validation about?

Validation is an automated verification process that enhances reliability of the information available in a data base; thus, ensuring the delivery of clean and clear data in systems that use such information. In short, the process makes sure that records delivered in connected applications is complete, sound, accurate and reliable to meet corporate quality standards and requirements.

What type of data does Merlin validate?


  • Validation of Identification type
  • Validation of identification number
  • Validation of first and last name and registered name
  • Assignment of Identification type
  • Assignment of first and last name and registered name
  • Assignment of CUIL / CUIT
  • Assignment of birth date
  • Assignment of gender
  • Identity validation turns out to be far more agile, simple and reliable
  • Automation reduces delays and operation loss risks
  • Prevents fraud and identity theft


  • Verifies whether the email address contains the correct format
  • Validates ownership authenticity
  • Confirms the account existence
  • Detects disposable email addresses and Spambots
  • Identifies whether the account is active
  • Protects your brand, identity and reputation
  • Improves deliverability
  • Saves time, since it is possible to validate great volumes of email accounts with maximum accuracy and speed
  • Increases your marketing campaign ROI
  • Simplifies your customer registration process

Qualified Addresses

  • Analyses the quality of registered addresses according to positive or negative attributes defined by the customer
  • Assigns different risk levels for each address
  • Identifies fraudulent addresses
  • Clear identification of customer according to their classification
  • Upon negative addresses, both fraudulent addresses and the registration of customers considered unsuitable given their payment incapacity are prevented
  • Upon positive addresses, such information helps when offering a certain product or service to a new customer

Tax Liabilities

  • Validation of CUIL / CUIT number
  • Validation of denomination
  • Assignment of CUIL / CUIT number
  • Assignment of complete name / denomination
  • Assignment of Income tax situation
  • Assignment of VAT situation
  • Assignment of Monotributo category
  • Assignment of responsibility in the corporation
  • Assignment of employer condition
  • Enhances the service level as the customer is identified on the spot and unambiguously
  • Prevents identity fraud through the validation of the company´s or person´s existence
  • Makes any tax information available; thus, avoiding potential fines to be issued by regulating entities


  • Type of vehicle
  • Model
  • Brand
  • Manufacture and assembly year
  • Engine number
  • Chassis number
  • Ownership / Patent
  • Delivers key information that will safeguard you from any potential fraud or bad experiences
  • Offers security to quote insurance policies
  • Reduces policy re-printing costs

Common questions

Why is it important to validate my data base?

The automated data base validation is aimed at ensuring consistent, rational and complete data..

Data validation is an automated verification aimed at ensuring that entered data is as loyal to reality as possible, clear and useful for its analysis and business use.

A company's functioning produces a lot of information. Several areas are involved in data collection; therefore, its validation during its loading process, before such data is sent to any other application utilized by the company, happens to play a key role. Only such process produces a data base with sound and authentic information.

Countless decisions are based on data. If such data is not accurately organized, it cannot offer the necessary trustfulness for business initiatives or business decisions.

Automation happens to be the best solution that will enable you to rely on accurate and reliable data; thus, gaining time and saving resources in the verification and manual correction of mistakes, among other benefits, and producing important advantages for your company and your operations.

Merlin can be your strategic partner. I want to validate my data base.

How do I get to improve my email marketing campaigns?

A quality data base is the key for success in your email marketing campaigns.

A Good data base is the starting point for your email marketing campaigns to be successful.

At least the 10% of stored information turns obsolete after a year.

The 4 warning signs to bear in mind:

  • Low opening rates
  • Decrease in clicks
  • Bounced-back telephone numbers
  • Number of unsubscriptions

All of these result from a bunch of wrongful or duplicate contacts. If you are undergoing any of these situations, it's time to do something about it.

If you want effective and successful email marketing campaigns, you need a clean, updated, relevant and duplicate-information-free data base.

Our email validation service can help you:

  • It corrects inaccurate and incomplete information
  • It identifies and deletes inexistent or duplicate addresses
  • It detects disposable emails and Spambots

Merlin improves the general quality of your email data base efficiently.

How can I prevent identity theft?

The detection of a fraudulent identity before registering a swindler instead of a customer is the best way to prevent any fraud risk.

The companies are liable to both safeguard their customers´ information and take all possible measures to prevent identity data swindlers from opening accounts, purchasing or utilizing their systems to commit fraud.

Fine costs affect the business at an economic and reputational level in addition to the security of its operations and its customers' trust.

The utilization of an identity document validation system during customer registration processes happens to the best moment to understand people nature, to realize whether such people may pose any threat and to avoid any damage to your company.

Protect your business from fraud by validating you customers’ identity with Merlin.

Learn more about data validation

Las 3 C’s de la validación de datos

The 3 C’s of data validation

Consistent, correct and complete data plays a key role in meeting quality and security standards of any effective data base.

Do you want to rely on consistent, correct and complete data?